Personal Hand Bags



These Personal crocheted hand bags are handy & stylish.

Can be used for phone / personal Items / etc

Handmade Made with worsted weight yarn








Video of Phone Bag




Crochet Phone Bag with front pocket


Front outer pocket and Inner Pocket.

* Phone  or personal items are secured and rest within the a soft inner lining.

* Magnetic Latch Safely Secures your items with a "Strong Magnetic Snap"


Outside: 5-1/2 inches Wide X 7-1/2 inches Long

Inside Pocket: 5 inches Wide X 7 inches Deep

This crochet weaved strap is 43 inches

total length.

* You CAN Choose Your Favorite Color

$25.00 Each

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Note: An Upgrading added to this bag which  has inner lining sewn within & Chain with D-Rings connection for strength.