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Yes, I was raised in a Barn.

" But I've Never Walked Away With The Barn Door Open! "

So blessed to have had the experience working on the family farm in my youth which instilled quite a work ethic, cleaning stalls, haying fields & loading into loft. Rode both English & Western. Very Early Mornings before school to clean, feed, water and lead the horses out. So enjoyed the grooming and cleaning of hooves after long rides. Rode may a time from Branchville to Beemerville on ALL Dirt Roads, through fields and gosh they enjoyed fresh snowfall.

Our family owned four horses and provided board services.

We owned 2- Quarter's

1-Appaloosa Mare with filly

and boarders.

Family Farm



C.Jay & Diamond Time



Diamond Time

C.Jay Silo Work

Loading up Filly


Deep in the heart of Texas

You might take the Man out of the country,

But You can Never Take The Country

Out of the Man!



"Crochet Cowboy"

About The Crocheter

Retired: Army, Navy, Air Force

 35-Years Civilian

Enjoy making beautiful items by hand.







 This Cowboy rode into town with "hook-in-hand" and experience under this buckle to be The Avenue for those who are looking for Experienced, Quality Workmanship, yet offer The Most Affordable Prices.

This is My Center Most Focus.


Crochet Skill Level


" Experience & Knowledge to Meet Your Needs"

It's my passion


Simply reach out and contact me

You'll Be Glad You Did






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Angel Tea-Light Cover

eaFlickering-Tea-Light:  Included

$21.00  Each

Measures 7" Tall X 5" Wide