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Working with ANY tread challenges and improve your crochet skills.

This is truly an Art

These decorative balls can be displayed All Year Round.

Add elegance and charm to your home decor with quality handmade items.


Unqiue Gifts Made to Order



Christmas Balls



Specialty Items


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Handcrafter Decorative Balls

Made with #10 Thread

2.00mm Hook

Measures: 4-1/2 inches in diameter



Drying Process

Next Morning: Completed



Handcrafted Flower Petal Decorative Ball

Material #10 Thread

Measures" 4-1/2 inches in diameter





Handcrafted Ball

Using #10 Mercerized Egyptian Cotton Thread

These handcrafted balls are Not only used for Christmas. Simply remove the hanger from top and display as you like.

I use those small lights and run the throughout the balls.

It gives a nice country feel to your decor.

$20.00 Each







Video provided By: C.Jay McCann



Crochet Egg with Chicken

Discounted Price: $15.00 Each




White Egg

Color Border Choices:

Blue, Pink, Yellow

Size: Approximately

 3" Wide X  7" Tall




Using 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton Thread

Each are handcrafted and will have a little "crocheted chicken" also made with #10 thread.




Crochet Tea Light Angel


$20.00 Each



Includes: 1-Battery Operated Flickering Tea-Light to illuminate



Each angel is handcrafted using #4 worsted weight yarn



This angel was made without halo

Video provided by: C.Jay McCann



Tea Cup & Saucer Tea-Lights

Adorn with rose bud & leaves

Includes 1-Battery "Flickering Tea-light" which sits perfectly inside cup.



Measurements: 3"inches width at Doiley Base

Cup: Inside 1-1/2 width X 2" inches deep



$12.00 Each



Handcrafted Candy Bowl

Made with #10 Thread

Measurements: 10" inches width at top X 3" inches depth

You get to choose your color prior to ordering.



Discounted $15.00 Each