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Quality Handmade Infinity Scarves


Dress Your Best with Quality Handmade Items



There's Nothing like Homemade Quality

Providing Personalized Service

* You choose color

* You choose Length Size

*  You'll receive a scarf which is tailored personally to YOU!

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 All Scarves are made once order has been placed 

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Simply Contact Me

You Get to choose Your Color

 Make Payment Cash or Credit

* You will  receive a receipt of payment via text or Email

You be notified when the scarf is being made and throughout the process from start to completion.

* Meet at a LOCAL establishment Police Station or Business for pickup. Or You can choose to have your order delivered and dropped off straight to You.

No Hassle







1.) Contact  Me

2.) Choose your color

3.) Place Order

"Personalized Service"


Made With American Pride







Infinity Scarves

Single 1-Loop

You get to choose YOUR perfect  Color & Length size to FIT YOU prior to placing order!

( Up to 40" inches in length )

$30.00  Single Loop

( All Samples of my workmanship )

                                       Small Single Loop Infinity Scarf







Large Scarves Double Loop

 (Up to  70" inches in length )

You get to choose YOUR  perfect Color & Length Size For YOU prior to Ordering!


$40.00 - Each 70"inch Double Wrap


Note: All scarves are Made After Order has been placed.

( All photo's are samples of my workmanship )



October 2023




Color Fleck








Teal & Cream







Denim & Navy





( All photo's are Samples of my workmanship )

                                 Scarfie Brand Yarn: Red & Cream

                                      Rose Colored Yarn



                                        Yarn Color:  Fleck




                                    Scarfie Brand Yarn: Teal & Cream