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Heavy Duty / Long Lasting

Kitchen Scrubbies

Scrubby's are made from Red Heart Super Scrubby Sparkle yarn. These will Not Scratch or smell.

Food does NOT collect or gets caught up inside.  they rinse clean after use.

Gentle on your dishes and pans

$4.00 Each


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Crochet 100% Cotton

Heavy Duty

Big Boy Pot Holder

This yarn is wonderfully THICK to use for these Pot Holders.

Double layered and woven together, will protect your hands while baking. You can also place a HOT pan on these to protect your countertops.

Being 100% cotton and doubled they can easily handle the toughest kitchen jobs for many years.

$15.00 Each


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Fall Colored Pot Holder

Hand crocheted using Lily "Sugar & Cream"

Double thickness / 2-Squares together for added heat protection

$10.00 each